Firma Vier

Who am I?

My name is Dennis, and I have a big passion for food and cooking. I am manically curious and I get energy out of experimenting with new food products. And I’ve got the luck to be able to turn this into my profession.

With Firma Vier I help companies with their innovation questions regarding food. Because developing a new food product is challenging in many different ways. With my broad experience i offer pragmatic and creative support that increases the chance of succes a new product.

Plant based

In the last few years i have noticed a clear shift to more and more plant based and less animal based foods. I see this movement as very positive. Because I believe that a wider range of tasty plant based alternatives contributes to a future where we consume less animal based products. By using my expertise and specializing in this growing segment I contribute to that brighter future.

Spector Vermouth

Besides my support to other companies I have developed my own vermouth and introduced it on the market. [A vermouth is a fortified wine with all kind of herbs, which you can serve as an aparitive or in cocktails.] Spector Vermouth is served in bars and restaurants in big cities in the Netherlands but more and more in other countries as well.

How can I help you?

In fact I can help you with all the challenges that arise from the very first idea until your product on the shelves. Like:

  • Drawing up a demand- and wishlist for your product.
  • Development of the first kitchen prototypes.
  • Optimizing and scaling up the recipes.
  • Guiding and implementing pilot scale productions on a commercial relevant scale.
  • Drawing up declarations of nutrition, ingredients and allergens.
  • Advice on shelf life and food safety.
  • Advice on packaging and labelling.

Would you like to meet and talk about how I can support your company? Do not hesitate and call or mail me!


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